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Companions For Life Pet Rescue

 Maremma Sheepdogs In Rescue (Aust)

& other Guardian Breeds

Every face deserves a "forever" place!

Adopt a pet now & give one a new life.

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Where are we??

Companions For Life is located at Portland, NSW, Australia. Click here for more information.

Looking for that great family pet???

Give me a call and have a chat about your new family member!

Call Andrea on 0418171896

Dogs for Rural Areas

Do you live on acreage and are looking for a dog who is suitable (or used to) rural living?

Our dogs in care (big and small) are able to be tested with the variety of livestock (eg feathered and furry) prior to being adopted.

For Guardian breeds please see our Maremma Rescue Page or if your interested in a smaller house dog that is good on acreage and trustworthy around stock, just give me a call on 02 6355 5004 or 0418171896 (evenings are best) to discuss your situation and what your looking for.


Proudly Australian

Dogs Available Now

All dogs are wormed and treated for fleas on arrival.

They are all desexed (no exceptions), vaccinated, microchipped, on heart worm prevention and groomed (with notice) before being rehoused.

NSW Rehoming Number R251000020

For more information on any of the dogs listed on this page,

call Andrea on Mobile 0418 171896,

email [email protected]


I CANT STRESS THIS POINT ENOUGH...............Prior to taking your new dog home, please ensure that you have a secure, escape-proof pen for them to be safely housed in so that they can settle in and bond to you and your property. I DO NOT encourage tethering a dog! This 'bonding' can take several weeks, and if dogs are given 'free reign' too soon they will soon learn to roam/wander onto neighbouring properties... bad habits are very hard to break, it's easier to prevent them from learning them in the first place.

Slowly, slowly... it takes time , sometimes months, to introduce them to new properties so that they know to stay where they are supposed to be.

Please Note: Our priority is to place the dogs into the situations which are right for them, which is not always the first people to enquire. No offence to those who arent chosen to potentially adopt the dog in question. 

Max 7 yrs male

(Companion on acreage)

Max is a companion dog, would suit a rural property as a house guardian/pet. He is good around stock and respectful of good fences. He is well handled and will love his family. He will need formal introductions to people who visit regularly and will love them like family when he gets to know them.

Adoption fee $500

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Pictures still to come of new dogs in.....

Snowy - 2 yrs old male Lovely young fellow who is looking for his perfect family as a companion dog.

Snow - 8 yrs old male. Gorgeous companion dog good on acreage, needs to be house pet.

Maremma Sheepdog Rescue

Below are some of the dogs who have already found their new families

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Maremma Sheepdog Diary/Weekly Planner for 2013