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Companions For Life Pet Rescue

 Maremma Sheepdogs In Rescue (Aust)

& other Guardian Breeds

Every face deserves a "forever" place!

Adopt a pet now & give one a new life.

Online Shopping

Online Shopping

Link to last Calendars in description.....Maremma Sheepdogs Calendar 2023


Thank you to all who have purchased our beautiful calendars this year, our last calendars are listed here on ebay" target="_blank">CLICK HERE

or copy/paste if link doesnt work.. ?hash=item28dc838c1e:g:sUIAAOSwvSJjeuQ3& amp;amdata=enc%3AAQAHAAAAsDV6nS8NW%2BgNv 6niH6z97OrJ6Pve76EtFo3qoWabE1jy9HMdWhTFY MezdsvDv1Co0eICorJTELBHUEOLckoZ4MXlDwwjn pvUmwdjU41en4vq0OuICE5kHsUAnSL%2BTefP2Id 24Eyv3ET3zMq%2B19uMz9RtuCI13HkY%2F8GXOEZ 3M5omoTEG12WBPv0paz8Jfi%2BhsUwXp64oCiIxF rh2t9h2SsQPNzN0eeHxsRhT3DZD55PY%7Ctkp%3A Bk9SR_DS-Y2sYQ

Our amazing 2023 Calendar is ready now for purchase, and once again, many thanks go to the many people who shared their beautiful photos of their Big White Pups and their friends with us this year.

All proceeds of the Calendar go directly to our rescue to continue to help us to rescue our favourite breed and support our permanent dogs here and those who are waiting for their 'forever' homes.

We owe it to them to give them the best life that we can!

Calendars are $25 + $6 postage.

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