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Online Shopping

Nose Salve/Cream/Butter - To Help Your Dogs Dry & Cracked Nose to Heal (100% Natural)


Is your dog's nose dry and sore looking?  Considering the fact that a dog uses his nose for everything and it is a highly sensitive part of their body, it must be very painful when they become dry, cracked and crusty. Nose Salve softens and moisturises your dog's dry, cracked nose and will aid with healing.

Unscented and flavour free. Hypo-allergenic. Vegan Friendly.

New Bigger Size of 30 grams! This listing is for a 30 gram tub, as shown in picture.

Our soothing nose salve is a blend of 100% all natural nourishing, healing and moisturising ingredients which are all vegan. Nose salve can be applied to a dog’s nose to treat painful cracking and dryness that has already occurred, or as a preventative measure. You don't need a lot of the product so a little bit goes a long way, the organic oils will soon soothe & soften dry, cracked dog noses, and can also be used on paws and elbows

Nose Salve can be used for all types of dry skin conditions including but certainly not limited to:

* Dry or Cracked & Crusty Noses

* Dry Elbows and Paw pads

* Discoid Lupus (collie nose)

* Lick Granulomas

(It is also good for dry human skin/lips. Try it and you will see! It is all natural and vegan after all!)

100% NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Organic Hempseed Oil, Kukui Nut Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, Candelilla Wax, Macadamia Oil, Grapeseed Oil.

APPLICATION: Just rub a small amount of Nose Salve on your dog’s nose and try to distract your dog for a few minutes allowing the balm to be absorbed in. Use whatever distraction method works best for your dog. For badly cracked and visibly sore noses apply as often as possible (2 to 3 times per day). With regular applications you will begin to see improvements! Depending on your dog, maintenance applications are typically once per week, but sometimes daily depending on your dog.

P.s. Due to hand-crafted nature of this product, variation in weight and fill point should be expected.

HERE...........http://www.companionsforl 355322


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