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Companions For Life Pet Rescue

 Maremma Sheepdogs In Rescue (Aust)

& other Guardian Breeds

Every face deserves a "forever" place!

Adopt a pet now & give one a new life.

Online Shopping

Online Shopping

This is a 'must have tool in your box' if you're a dog owner, dog minder or pet foster carer!


With a Maxi Mutt embroidered identity sleeve, you have added security to make sure that your pooch is wearing visible phone contact ID. With these you can swap and change easily from one collar to another, or between dogs or even to different leads or their harness. The peace of mind that you can also easily slip on the collar identity sleeve if your dog is being minded or walked by a walker. Thousands of dogs go missing each year and cannot be returned to their homes quickly because they aren't wearing any visual identification to allow a finder to 'call home'.


Maxi Mutt custom made embroidered identity sleeves, are also an excellent tool for doggie daycares or even by carers in rescue groups, especially if they are being fostered or are new in care; again the peace of mind, that a visual 'phone home' identification is on the dog, enables the dog to be returned to the carer/rescue much sooner.



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